About 14 hours before leaving on the Christmas tree trip, I got a call from our friendly Las Vegas Sun reporter stating that he will not be joining us on the Christmas tree hunting trip. He should have gone — we had a beautiful and rare snowy trip. We drove up in quite a bit of rain and snow and there was about 4 inches of fresh snow at our cutting area. Probably about half of the time we go up there, there is no snow on the ground so to have that much fresh snow is a real treat. I’ll get some pictures up soon. Some of the back roads were a little scary (OK, it was a really fun scary) and there was one hill I needed to make several attempts on before making it up the hill. One of the vehicles with us, a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser, had some problems on another hill. It was the last vehicle so I think we packed down the snow and exposed some ice when we climbed the hill. She made it up after putting some gravel and sticks under the tires. I think the tires they have on those vehicles on the lot are street tires. If we would have had the reporter with us, we could have made him push.

Oh, we got a terrific tree this year. It is a rare piñon pine that is actually the shape of a “traditional” Christmas tree. It’s about 7 feet tall, very full, and not bushy like many piñons. It has a very straight trunk and it was exceedingly easy to put in the tree stand. Again, I’ll get some pictures up soon. We’ll probably trim the tree on Tuesday before Hot Wife jaunts off to New York City on a work trip. Work trip. Yeah, right.