Today, while working on the river, it was pleasant and cool (ok, the low 90s feel cool compared to last week) with a few light rain sprinkles. We saw a few lightning strikes in the Virgin Mountains and while driving back through Mesquite there was a bit of a shower in Mesquite (we had to backtrack a bit because NDOT is replacing the Riverside Bridge on SR-170). On the road back to Las Vegas, there was about two minutes of rain where I had to slow down a bit and turn the wipers on high.

Judging by the drop marks in the dust on the car at home, we did get a sprinkle for the first time since May 5, 2007. I feel justified in putting a “T” for “trace” in the rain log for today. Hopefully, the monsoons aren’t over for the summer. This is what we call a 6 inch rain — 6 inches between the drops.

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