Yesterday, Spencer died at the vet’s office. I could go into detail about his changing condition over the last few days (hey, I’m a scientist and took accurate notes and even produced a spreadsheet) but this isn’t the time.

His right front leg was amputated last Wednesday due to a chondrosarcoma tumor on his scapula. We took him home on Saturday and he appeared to be improving on Sunday. He was eating well and was receiving additional nutrition though a feeding tube. He was strengthening and moving about clumsily. We were hoping to see the typical grace and balance of a cat help him learn to move on three legs but on Sunday he started losing his appetite. On Monday, he started losing control of his body temperature and he began to become hypothermic. By Monday night, his body temperature was dropping so I took him to the vet first thing on Monday morning. He was very anemic and died in the vet’s arms purring a few hours later.

I’m glad for the extra time we had with Spencer and that we pursued treatment of his cancer. I’m also content with the decision to stop treatments and let him go when his condition began to deteriote. I’m strangely proud somehow that he died on his own terms and didn’t need to be euthanized. He was still on pain medication and the vet said his death was painless and quick. I am also touched by the kindness of family and friends during this time. We received many kind phone calls and emails. Hot Wife’s coworkers even got her a gift card for scrapbooking supplies so she could do some pages about Spencer and one of my coworkers got me a very nice sympathy card. Thank you everyone for your kindness during the last few days.

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