While Rob and I were at Defcon, we saw this BMW Z4 with Nevada license plate “NO TAG.”

This reminded me a funny story I once heard. A guy was filling out a customized license plate application and his first and second choices were “BOATING” and “SAILING.” Not having a third choice, he wrote “NO PLATE” intending that if he couldn’t get his first two choices, he didn’t want a personalized plate.

Well, his first two choices were taken so the DMV issued “NO PLATE.” He decided to keep the plate despite the mistake.

Anyway, after four weeks he started getting parking tickets in the mail. Lots of parking tickets. It turned out that when a parking ticket was issued to a car with no plates the officer would write “NO PLATE” in the license plate field. The DMV computers would end up sending him the ticket. Over time, he got over 2,500 tickets in the mail and ended up setting up a form letter to send to the courts to get the ticket removed.

I wonder if this Nevadan hacker knows the story and if he gets tickets in the mail.

Check out the Snopes story here.