I’m a huge fan of National Public Radio and our local affiliate, Nevada Public Radio (KNPR). I really like their in-depth reporting of news in which stories are often lengthy and go into great detail. I find their news reporting to be generally quite balanced and neutral.

NPR’s main morning and evening news programs give great treatment of the news of the day with just the right amount of material and information. If there is an important news story, they cover it quite well and in detail. If the story is breaking and information is limited, they will report on what is known and move on to other stories. They avoid the cable and network news pitfall of breathlessly and endlessly repeating spectacular but relatively unimportant video clips. NPR also has great coverage of overseas news and correspondents in bureaus around the world.

However, NPR recently announced that it is canceling two programs and laying off 7% of its workforce. The shows being cancelled are Day to Day and News and Notes. I’m not familiar with News and Notes but I do occasionally listen to Day to Day. I’m not terribly sad to see Day to Day cancelled. Although it’s nice to get news in the afternoon, Day to Day has a different tone to it that doesn’t appeal to me like Morning Edition or All Things Considered. It’s a little lighter and less serious than the other news programs. I don’t care for it nor do I care much for the BBC’s The World.

During the day, I really like Talk of the Nation which KNPR only carries one of the two hours of that program. If KNPR changes its schedule when Day to Day is cancelled and brings back both hours of Talk of the Nation, I’ll be really happy.

Except, that I don’t have time in the day to listen to the radio.

And my commute is too short to listen to much of the evening and morning news.

And most of my short commute I have loud children in the car making listening and rational thought impossible.

Oh, well. I’ll listen when I can and NPR can keep me very knowledgeable about current events. And I’ll continue to donate to KNPR especially after Hot Wife and I won the coolest, yummiest, prize ever earlier this year.