It snowed in Vegas, again.

Yet again snow falls in Las Vegas…

At 640 am PST… snow was observed falling at the National Weather
Service office on Dean Martin Road in Las Vegas. This sets a new
record for snow for December 23rd. No snow has previously been
recorded on this date in Las Vegas since the start of official
weather records in 1937.

A mix of rain and snow was also briefly reported by the ASOS as well
as several Airport personnel at McCarran International Airport
shortly after 6 am PST.

And parts of Henderson still have snow on the ground almost a week after last week’s storm. It’s pretty exciting to have some weather. Months and months of sunny skies make for boring weather.

However, I’m going to seriously lose a bet at work due to the wet weather. Several coworkers and myself wagered on the total precipitation for November and December. Knowing that we were in a dry and warm spell during the beginning of the fall, I thought that pattern would continue and guessed that we would get 0.73 inches of precipitation. So far, we’ve gotten 1.49 inches. And there is a 20% chance of rain tomorrow, 70% chance tomorrow night, 50% chance on Christmas, and a 20% chance of snow (again?!) on Friday. I might as well lose big.

At least we’re not traveling for Christmas or in any areas getting absolutely hammered by winter weather. Although that would be cool to see….