As, many as you know, today there is a long total solar eclipse in Asia. What you may not know, is eclipses occur in cycles called Saros cycles. So exactly 6585 1/3 days ago (18 years, 11 1/3 days) ago, there was a very similar eclipse that I had the pleasure of seeing.

So on July 11, 1991, I witnessed the most amazing natural phenomenon of my life. With my good friends Melanie Myers and Michael Carrigan, I watched from a Mexican beach as the sun disappeared for over 6 minutes. The stars and planets came out and we stood in awe as we looked at the wispy outer atmosphere of the sun. It was indescribably beautiful and I will never forget it.

Total solar eclipses are worth traveling halfway around the world. If you have a chance, see one at least once in your life.

Mel and Michael, happy Saros cycle 136.