You laugh to keep from crying, you do math to keep from crying . . .
I found out today that my divorce is final. Someone in black robes finally signed the stack of papers, the County Clerk filed it, and an attorney mailed me a copy which was in my mailbox this afternoon.

I was surprised to not feel much today. I guess I felt a little relieved to close a very unpleasant chapter of my life and be able to move on. After almost six months of dealing with a lot of anguish, I think most of the pain is behind me. I can now look to the future and truly focus on being a good dad and a good person. Although I anticipate having some painful moments ahead of me, I really think I am approaching the asymptote. I’ll never get to zero pain but I will continue to get closer and closer to zero.

I am incredibly thankful for the huge amount of support that I received from family, friends, and my employer. I managed to get though my ordeal in good psychological and physical health.

Thank you everyone.