I really enjoyed a nice rainy day today. I recorded 0.42 inches of rain here in Syzdekistan and got to spend a couple of hours doing field work in the rain. Since I was doing aquatic invertebrate sampling, my bottom half wearing waders was (mostly) dry but my top half got drenched. With temperatures in the upper 40s, it was a bit chilly and changing into warm, dry clothes and blasting the heater for the hour long drive home was nice.

This is the first stratiform (non-thunderstorm or showery) rain since early February and hopefully the Colorado river basin will get lots of wet, deep snow this winter to help recharge our aquifers and reservoirs. Tomorrow, the mountains will be covered with snow and I can’t wait to see it. Tomorrow and Wednesday should be chilly and sunny and then two more storms should swing through and make the next few days after that quite rainy. Our annual Christmas tree trip on Saturday may be very snowy this year.