Often in April we will see our first 90° day of the year but also we will see a final winter storm sweep through. The latter was true yesterday and we had a bit of rain (0.02 inches at the house, 0.07 inches at Warm Springs), a lot of wind, and a very cool day. When I left the house it was sprinkling and 45° and the official high was a record low: 56°.

Also, my friend Sean reported some sleet at our downtown office. Since he’s from upstate New York, I’ll assume he’s correct. Oh, he took pictures too:


See that white stuff on the fake grass that was rattling when it hit the ground. That’s sleet, kids. Consider yourself lucky you don’t see it all the time!

Record low maximum temperature set Thursday in Las Vegas…

The high temperature at McCarran International Airport only reached 56 degrees on Thursday April 22 2010. This broke the old record low maximum temperature… or coldest high temperature… for the date of 57 degrees set in 2003.

The above information is preliminary and is subject to a final review before being certified by the National climatic data center.