Yikes. This blog has a thick layer of dust on it. Let me blow that off.

(cough, cough)

That’s better.

OK, it’s been a while. I left off on a with in the middle of a trip to see the Space Shuttle launch in April.

That was a trip of a lifetime.

Since then, I’ve been on a white water rafting trip on the Green River in Utah (that was a trip of a lifetime), had a crazy disaster at work that I won’t talk about here (everything is ok, but I wasn’t sure if was going to get fired or commended. Luckily, neither happened. Also, that was an experience of a lifetime), and finally I went to a wedding in Alaska and backpacking in Denali National Park (again, a trip of a lifetime).

And on my last day in Alaska, I got an email from NASA saying that I was selected to go to the STS-133 Tweetup!

So, right now, I am planning (yet another) trip of a lifetime.

Life is good.

No, life is amazing!