Camilla is my favorite rubber chicken.

SDO Spokeschicken

Camilla at the NASA Press Credential Office

I met her at the STS-133 NASA Tweetup back in October. In fact, she was the first Tweep I met. I met her at the press credential site when I picked up my badge. She was nice enough to give me a patch for her mission, the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

We hung out a bit and finally watched Discovery launch in February. On Twitter, she’s @Camilla_SDO. She’s doing her first high altitude balloon trip on Sunday, May 8. You can learn about her trip to 100,000 feet here. Good luck and Godspeed, Camilla!

Finally, there is a nice write up on Camilla here at Universe today. I was thrilled to meet the author of that post and a very prolific space blogger at Fishlips after Discovery’s launch. Nancy Atkinson is a great space writer and I actually gushed when I met her. It was geek heaven. Anyway, here is a picture of me and Nancy and my beard. More about my beard and space later.