I can’t think of any other famous person’s death affecting me like the death of Steve Jobs. My first reaction was “I knew he was very sick and it wasn’t a surprise. In fact, I just lost a coworker to the same cancer, pancreatic, last week so on one level I was prepared.

However, remembering that I grew up with his products and even worked doing Mac tech support for a while, I am slowly realizing how important Apple products and Steve Jobs was to me. My first computer was an original Macintosh (128k) which I got in 8th grade. It was upgraded to a Mac Plus which served me into college. Since then, I had a Quadra 660AV, PowerMac 7500, Powerbook 3400, Powerbook G4 (Titanium 400), and now a MacBook Pro (2Ghz Intel Core Duo). I bought myself a Newton for my college graduation and I have a iPod Photo 40GB, Nano (3rd gen), iPhone 3 (now my son’s), and an iPhone 4.

As a geek and tech guy, these devices just work. The software is excellent and the hardware seems to run forever. They are incredibly well-built and well-designed machines.

Although my old boss in the Mac tech support job once complimented me that I “bleed in five colors” (referring to the old “rainbow Apple logo” I was never a big Steve Jobs aficionado. I didn’t watch very many of his keynote speeches. I never, until today, listened to his famous 2005 Stanford commencement address (but I certainly knew about it).

I was more interested in the technology and the specs and the design and software. But I always knew that there was a man behind all that cool stuff. A famously particular and difficult perfectionist. A guy that even was “the archetype of difficult.”

I am going to miss him. And I wish I knew him better. And I wish I watched the Keynotes, and his speeches. Here’s an amazing speech. I’m sad I waited until Steve’s death to watch it.