I sometimes end up on the “bleeding edge” of technology when I do some early upgrades and updates. When I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 when the iOS 5 update came out, the update went well. However, when I went to play music using the Music app, there was some strange behavior. When I selected a song from a playlist, the first song would play fine. However, when the second song started playing, the display would display the info (title, artist, album art) of a different song! From then on, the Music app would play one song while displaying the info for another. If I picked a song from the playlist, it would start a different song. If I forced quit the app, and restarted it, it would correctly play the first song I selected and then it would be wrong for subsequent songs. Sometimes the app would freeze when switching songs.

“Fine” I thought, “I’ll listen to Pandora instead.” Now this is the insane part — Pandora would play one song and then lock up. Very, very strange.

So I connected the iPhone to my Mac, unchecked “Sync Music” for the iPhone, synced which removed all the music from the iPhone, then I rechecked “Sync Music” and waited for iTunes to re-sync all my music.

This fixed all the problems with Music app and Pandora. This must have been a very strange and unusual bug because I found very little information on it online. Hope this helps someone out.