I’m with her.

My posting has been pretty light and even on social media, I have not posted too much about politics. I have strong opinions on most candidates and issues but I know most, if not all, people aren’t going to be swayed by my opinion. Most people have made up their mind months ago and I would prefer to keep my posts about things that I find interesting: interesting bits of science news, great photos, and updates about interesting things that I do.

I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18. I research every race as best as I can and I try to make the best choices for my local, state, national, and the world. In this election, I supported Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucus and was disappointed when he lost to Hillary Clinton. However, Clinton is, unequivocally, the best candidate for president in 2016. She is smart, reasonable, and even-tempered. Although I do not agree with her on all of her policy decisions (and I don’t think I have on any candidate), she is most in line with what I think this country needs: forward looking, caring, and supportive of all Americans. She can be tough when she needs to be and she has shown incredible strength and endurance in a brutal campaign season. She has logical and well-supported policy positions. I think she will be an excellent president.

On the the other hand, her opponent is utterly unsuited to be president. Donald Trump is venal, racist, vindictive, and incredibly sexist. He has no clear plans for the future except to appeal to his narrow base of supporters with more of his illogical ideas. Mr. Trump doesn’t have a plan — he has soundbites and rash ideas with no depth and with no reasoning behind him. Fundamentally, government is different than a business. You have to represent and consider every citizen — not just your customers or a demographic of supporters. Finally, I don’t think Mr. Trump was a savvy businessman at all. He dabbled at many different things and had some incredibly shady business practices over the years and turned a huge fortune into a small fortune. I do not want Mr. Trump gambling with America’s future.

While I understand that many citizens are frustrated and want an outsider to “shake things up” and “drain the swamp,” those hoping Mr. Trump will break everything so we can rebuild a better nation are sorely mistaken. We need to move forward, we need to build up, and we need to not tear down our progress. Look around you — we have an amazing country with wonderful people doing great things. Don’t take America for granted! Please vote for your candidate. Do some research. Be involved. Be really involved with your local issues. Go to the meetings, meet your neighbors, write letters to your congresscritters, listen to people who disagree with you, shake their hands, and talk on social media.