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I watched over 10 minutes of the Oscars last night (a personal record) and Flowing Data linked to this great New York Times interactive graphic of box office receipts over time. Height show weekly box office revenue and the width is the length of time. It’s very cool to play with and see how different […]

Here is a list of the world’s least inspiring flags. Of course, Poland is listed because it has the same exciting red and white flag as Monaco and Indonesia. Technorati Tags: flag

I’ll finally be returning to work after being sick for a few days. I’ve had a very bad cough since Sunday and today I’m finally feeling to good enough to eat and be a little bit active around the house (mainly running outside to look at the rain gauge and look at the eclipse). I’ve […]

There is an interesting post about how to introduce your kids to the magic of the Star Wars films. Do you watch them in theatrical release order (456123) or in plot order (123456). I agree with most of the comments to watch the films in release order and maybe even in skipping 1, 2, 3. […]

Hot Wife and I managed to take in a movie this weekend and we both really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Of course, we have the final book on order and we are both looking forward to how the series ends. I started the series in 2003 and found this article […]

Hot Pregnant Wife had a very rough night last night. A sinus infection and bad cough kept her from getting a decent sleep and I had to retreat to couch for me to sleep. She had been fighting this for about a week and yesterday she really started feeling congested. She worked a half day […]

My Son, Carl?

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A few weeks ago, Hot Pregnant Wife and I had a ultrasound done (on Hot Pregnant Wife) and it turns out we will be having a son. Later that day, as I picked up Caroline from day care, I shared the news with her. “Mommy and Daddy went to the doctor today and got some […]

I just got done with my evening run (more on that saga later) around midnight tonight and I had just finished logging it on my Mac when I checked CNN and they had a breaking news story that Steve Irwin had been killed by a stingray near Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I was a fan […]

I have been a Weird Al fan for many years. His original music is hilarious (yes, his albums always have several original songs) and his parodies are fantastic. One of the cool things about Al, is that he always asks for permission from the artist before he parodies a song. Most artists are honored and […]