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Me and Dad, Thanksgiving 2011. I try to be thankful every day, but sometimes the rush and pace of life causes me to take my good fortune for granted. Most of all I am thankful for my parents, who have always set a great example of being generous and caring. Their marriage of 62 years […]

I am more of a realist than a romantic so I really think that there are probably several, if not many, women nearby that I could be perfectly happy having a long term relationship with. The relationships that I have been in have, for the majority of their lifetimes, have been amazing and fulfilling up […]

Just in case you are a wildlife biologist married to a mammologist and you are having a baby girl soon and you want to give the girl a name of a genus of mammals ending in “a” because the mom is Czech and Czech girl names end in “a” here is a list of the […]

One Year After


One year ago, two weeks before our 9th wedding anniversary, my wife sat me down and said she was leaving. By the end of February, she had moved out. Her decision caught me completely by surprise. The first half of 2009 was a painful blur: there was the unexpected blow of her unilateral decision, some […]

I found out today that my divorce is final. Someone in black robes finally signed the stack of papers, the County Clerk filed it, and an attorney mailed me a copy which was in my mailbox this afternoon. I was surprised to not feel much today. I guess I felt a little relieved to close […]

I just posted pictures of my birthday party last month here. The iPhone cake was amazing! It was quite the bash. Special thanks to Steve for taking such great pictures. If you have pictures, feel free to upload them to that page.

Solo artist and lead singer of the Smithereens, Pat DiNizio played a three-hour acoustic concert in the living room hosted by my friend Robert Hollowood. The concert was a blast. Pat shared a bunch of amusing anecdotes about, well, everything. He played a lot of Smithereens songs including “Blood and Roses,” “Behind the Wall of […]

Thanks Cheska!


I just want to say thanks and good luck to my intern, Cheska, who has been doing a great job keeping me out of trouble for the last two years. Cheska is beginning her career as a biology teacher and will eventually be moving to upstate New York. Cheska is extremely smart and very patient. […]

Today, I received word that Mojave Max, the desert spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Plan died. I had the pleasure of feeding and taking care of this tortoise at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in the early 1990s. He was a very friendly tortoise with a great personality and he lived in the […]

Yesterday, Spencer died at the vet’s office. I could go into detail about his changing condition over the last few days (hey, I’m a scientist and took accurate notes and even produced a spreadsheet) but this isn’t the time. His right front leg was amputated last Wednesday due to a chondrosarcoma tumor on his scapula. […]