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Birthday Dinner

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I did get to go out for dinner with Hot Wife and Terry and Morgan for my birthday. It was their first night out without kids. Ever. They have three kids. Let’s just say, the drinks flowed like water and we had a really good time. Terry and Morgan are so cool — they got […]

Spencer’s Lump

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The vet had noticed a lump on Spencer’s right shoulder blade. I hadn’t noticed it and I felt terrible for missing it. However, Spencer is a pretty hairy cat and before his grooming, it was probably well hidden by hair. Also, like many semi-domesticated felines, he is pretty independent and doesn’t like to be petted […]

Congratulations to Terry and Morgan on the birth of their daughter yesterday. Mom and baby are fine and they haven’t decided on a name yet but have narrowed it to Bevin or Berkeley. Baby was 8 pounds 12 ounces and 18.75 inches long.

Hiking in Death Valley

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Today, Rob and I took the kids hiking up Golden Canyon in Death Valley. Both three-year olds had a great time and both dads had fun watching them. We hit some light rain near Death Valley Junction and it had just stopped raining we got at the trailhead. We had lunch in the parking lot. […]

“My Hero, My Dad”

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Here is the eulogy that Rob gave at his father’s funeral:

Yesterday, Nancy and I went to Robert Williams’ funeral services. The Mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s was very touching. Rob gave a beautiful eulogy and the playing of “Taps” and the folding and presentation of the flag was extraordinarily moving. Since the Review Journal removes obituaries from their site, I have copied it here. […]


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I talked to Aaron today about his mammal trapping trip to northern Nevada, southeast Oregon, and southwest Idaho. He went with his girlfriend who is working on her PhD in biology. She is doing genetic work on kangaroo rats to determine the evolutionary relationships between different groups of kangaroo rats. To do this, she traps […]

I just got done with my evening run (more on that saga later) around midnight tonight and I had just finished logging it on my Mac when I checked CNN and they had a breaking news story that Steve Irwin had been killed by a stingray near Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia. I was a fan […]

My best friend Rob lost his father to cancer this morning. Robert Williams will always be remembered for being a genuinely kind and gentle man. He worked as an engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad was proud to be a native Nevadan (he was from Caliente). I will never forget the time that he took […]

Congratulations to our good friends Sharon and Joey who just had a baby. The exchange of emails regarding the happy addition was pretty funny (especially if you are a biologist). More under the fold: