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I like to thank Paul at Blue Eyed Buddhist for his very nice comments on some links I blogged about some time ago. That’ll have to do for links for now- it’s bedtime. And I found all of these through a guy, David Szydek [sic], who commented on my blog (hi Dave!). To be honest, […]

I’ve stolen this meme from the excellent parenting blog, Cynical Dad. This is a very funny blog about raising small children. He’s a little bit too paranoid about some things (of course my lax attitude towards germs probably get me in big trouble some day). Anyway, I swiped this fun meme from him. Check it […]

Tonight we are watching Terry and Morgan’s kids. Terry is stuck in California and Morgan has to work at 4:30 AM to 1:00 PM shift on July 4th so we are watching Derek (age 2) and Addison (age 1/3). It’s Caroline’s first sleepover which she made more interesting by being in naked mode most of […]

Today, Caroline, Nancy and I helped our good friends Rob and Karin move into their gorgeous new house in Pahrump today. They had been living next door in Karin’s parents house for a few months and most of their stuff was in storage in Pahrump so it was a pretty easy move despite temperatures peaking […]

I just helped my old college friends Melanie and Andrea get together. Andrea found my link about Kooshie and left a comment. I gave her Mel’s email; Andrea emailed her; Mel just happened to be in Anchorage where Andrea lives, and they got together for dinner. Then Mel crashed at Andrea’s house. And all through […]