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Wonderful World

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I’ve been watching The Life of Birds with David Attenborough and he is an amazing narrator. This is an great clip that makes me feel so thrilled to have chosen a career as a wildlife biologist.

There is some rare good news in the field of endangered species. The Las Vegas Valley leopard frog, which some believe the only US amphibian to have gone extinct, is not extinct. This frog always intrigued me. As a native Las Vegan, it would be have exciting to find a frog living in the desert […]

Invasive fish are a expensive and troublesome problem. A portion of my job is figuring out how to kill bad fish. These guys in Illinois are taking things to the next level:

You may have heard of today’s tragic accident in Laughlin Nevada where a man drove his Pontiac Vibe through the front doors of the Edgewater Casino killing two guests and injuring several more (link). Interestingly, not 10 minutes before the accident, I walked through those doors to a work conference (Yes, here in Nevada, biologists […]

Finally, some rain

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I really enjoyed a nice rainy day today. I recorded 0.42 inches of rain here in Syzdekistan and got to spend a couple of hours doing field work in the rain. Since I was doing aquatic invertebrate sampling, my bottom half wearing waders was (mostly) dry but my top half got drenched. With temperatures in […]

We have the world’s best potlucks at work: I do not use measurements…so these are approximate…. Juice about 5-6 limes Crush a whole bulb of garlic (not one clove, the whole thing!!) Thaw and peel 2-4 pounds of shrimp 3-4 sticks of butter Taco seasoning (I use Tonnes from Sam’s Club/Costco) Sautee garlic in a […]

Thanks Cheska!


I just want to say thanks and good luck to my intern, Cheska, who has been doing a great job keeping me out of trouble for the last two years. Cheska is beginning her career as a biology teacher and will eventually be moving to upstate New York. Cheska is extremely smart and very patient. […]

It snowed in Vegas, again. Yet again snow falls in Las Vegas… At 640 am PST… snow was observed falling at the National Weather Service office on Dean Martin Road in Las Vegas. This sets a new record for snow for December 23rd. No snow has previously been recorded on this date in Las Vegas […]

I finally got a set of my Cuatrocienégas, Mexico travel photos (Link) posted. Enjoy!



Today I have been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Mexico for work. I am presenting at the 40th meeting of the Desert Fishes Council and this year they are having their meeting in Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila, Mexico. View Larger Map Cuatrociénegas is a very cool place for the conference. The Desert Fishes Council and […]