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In Nevada, today is the last day to register to vote. So please, if you aren’t registered, register to vote today! If you are not sure you are registered, or have questions about voting, check here. If you need a reason to vote, the Gleaner has plenty of reasons: Take time off of work if […]

Ok, so maybe John McCain is looking at Palin’s notes but I like to think he checking Sarah Palin out. That’s a good indication that McCain is healthy and virile. And maybe a bit lecherous. It would be good to get some lechery back in the White House. Or maybe it’s just creepy. You be […]

Many of the actions that affect endangered species occur either on Federal lands or are the actions of federal agencies. Whether changes in logging rules in a National Forest, permitting oil and gas leases on BLM land, or even building a new visitor center in a National Park, Federal agencies are required by law to […]

Both McCain and Clinton have proposed a summer tax holiday from the federal 18.4 cent per gallon gasoline tax. This is a stupid idea that just panders to the public upset by high gas prices. Don’t these candidates have economic advisors? Lowering the price of gasoline will increase demand and since supplies are tight, prices […]

The local paper reported today that the “Nation’s Worst Governor” is going to charge Steve Fossett’s widow $687,000 for search expenses incurred when Fossett went missing in September in a small plane. This is utterly ridiculous on the part of Gibbons. Yes, I know the state is in poor financial shape. However, I believe that […]

Over 85% of ballots cast in tomorrow’s hotly contested Pennsylvania Democratic Party Primary will be on machines that are hackable, prone to failure, and unverifiable. One blogger describes the election equipment used in Pennsylvania to be “faith based” because there is no paper trail to determine if the votes have been accurately recorded and counted. […]

Here I am, flipping through Boing Boing (the online equivalent of Hot Wife’s reality television watching) and saw this illustration from Denver’s Westword (it’s an illustrated guide for the Democratic National Convention delegates): Since Hot Wife used to work for Dina Titus in the Nevada Senate, I pointed the picture out to her. She looked […]

The Bush administration has given very few species protection under the Endangered Species Act. In fact, only 59 species have been listed during the seven years of the Bush administration and those listings were due to court orders (environmental groups end up suing the US Fish and Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service to […]

Now that the economy is tanking, let’s turn in our old coins for brand new petroleum based coins.