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Well, right now I’m waiting on the Senate races in Montana and Virginia to be called. It looks like both will be pretty close but I am starting to feel pretty good about the Democrats taking both houses. Unfortunately it also looks like Tessa Hafen lost by a very small margin. As for local and […]

Voting with Santa

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My polling place here in Las Vegas is at Opportunity Village, a local charity that provides work skills for the intellectually impaired. They have been setting up their Magical Forest, an elaborate Christmas themed winter wonderland where Las Vegans can pretend that they live in a snowy clime. Arriving about 7:20 AM, my two-year old […]

When I heard Dina Titus was running for governor, I knew she would make a great governor. Nancy used to work for Titus and has always maintained that Titus is smart, ethical, and a good leader. The recent controversy regarding her opponent, Congressman Jim Gibbons, didn’t affect my choice for the Nevada governor’s race.Gibbons’ voting […]

Republicans often claim to support the troops and they are likely to show their support with a bumper sticker or by flying a flag. However, if you look at how Republican senators vote, you can see how they really show disrespect to our soldiers laying their lives on the line. They are the first to […]

Thanks to Dean W. Armstrong for posting a link to Michael Milligan’s blog which has a stunning article along with the full text of the complaint filed by Jose Padilla regarding his detention for over three years. Although he had a previous criminal record and allegedly associated with an al-Qaeda operative, remember the following things. […]

North Korea is claiming that they tested a nuclear weapon today. Link. While several seismograph stations recorded an event, it will take some time to determine if there truly was a nuclear test. My first thought is that the Republican wingnuts are very glad to have some scary war-mongering headlines a month before the elections. […]

Hot Pregnant Wife’s favorite politician, Ann Richards, died yesterday. Here is a picture of Hot Pregnant wife admiring a portrait of Richards from our trip to the Texas State Capitol in 2002. Ann Richards was known for her great wit and sense of humor. Some of her famous quotes are below the fold:

Like anyone with email, I get messages forwarded from friends and family that I find stupid or ridiculous. Most of the time, I just delete the messages. Sometimes, they deserve a response. One of my coworkers mentioned the other day that since all the terrorists were Middle Eastern it would be easy and prudent to […]

One of my coworkers was on field trip today and stopped for lunch the tiny Nevada town of Moapa. While eating lunch, a man came to their table and said: “I’m President Carter’s son, Jack, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate.” Jack, step away from the coattails. Sheesh.

On this 230th birthday of our great country, I have been finding it little hard to feel patriotic. Patriotism is more than slapping a flag sticker on your car, displaying a yellow ribbon or forwarding a patriotic email. Really, that is the least that we can do. Yes, I’ll fly the flag on the 4th […]