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Good Times

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Week long whitewater rafting trip on the Green River in Utah though Desolation and Gray Canyons. Watch annular eclipse from centerline in SW Utah (not as cool as the total eclipse I saw in Baja California Sur in 1991 but neat). Find wild woundfin in the Virgin River. Watch the transit of Venus. Find more […]

I always like seeing wild turkeys, but this one looks a bit goofy. This one was seen crossing the road in Parowan Utah on December 27, 2011.

I had a great time letting my children terrorize themselves with a sled last week. I’m a great dad!

I’ve always wanted to try ice diving. I’ve heard that you can flip inverted, put some air in your BC, and stand on the bottom of the ice and walk around inverted. These crazy Finns took it to whole new level…..

Congratulations to Hot Wife on getting a bunch of articles published in a new Savvy Source blog on things to do with young children in Las Vegas. Look carefully, and you can see my influence. Technorati Tags: las vegas, Nevada

In last month’s Olympics, if Usain Bolt hadn’t slowed down in his world record-breaking 100 meter dash he would have had an even more amazing time. Some astrophysicists calculated his time. This paper was submitted to the American Journal of Physics. Abstract: Since that very memorable day at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, a big question […]

Hiking in Death Valley

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Today, Rob and I took the kids hiking up Golden Canyon in Death Valley. Both three-year olds had a great time and both dads had fun watching them. We hit some light rain near Death Valley Junction and it had just stopped raining we got at the trailhead. We had lunch in the parking lot. […]

About 14 hours before leaving on the Christmas tree trip, I got a call from our friendly Las Vegas Sun reporter stating that he will not be joining us on the Christmas tree hunting trip. He should have gone — we had a beautiful and rare snowy trip. We drove up in quite a bit […]

Since 1971, the Syzdek’s have been “killing a tree for Christ” in the mountains of Lincoln County. It’s a simple process, really. We get up at o’ dark hundred, drive 150 miles to Caliente, eat breakfast at a greasy spoon, drive into the mountains, spend a hour finding a tree and complaining that there is […]