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There is a fisheries guy I work with who often will ask during a long day of field work “What’s your favorite fish?” And we’ll go around the field crew and talk about what everyone’s favorite fish is at that moment. It could be a species we are catching (woundfin), one we are hoping to […]

This video of a the Mars Science Lander landing from a camera on the bottom of the lander is amazing. It’s at 3X speed and provides a stunning view of landing on Mars. Mars Descent Imager (MARDI): During the descent to the Martian surface, MARDI acquired 4 color images per second, at 1600×1200 pixels, with […]

“We’re better than Space X and ain’t afraid to show it!”

I was lucky enough to see Curiosity when I toured JPL in Pasadena last year and I can’t believe a piece of hardware that I saw sitting in lab in California is hurtling to Red Planet and is going to land tonight. Curiosity is big and the JPL engineers, by necessity, have a complex (some […]

The sounds of a Shuttle launch literally give me chills. Turn up the volume and enjoy:

I’m always interested in new and unusual ways of depicting information. This video and sounds, of all the earthquakes in 2011, shows just how many sizable earthquakes there are around the world. Also, the huge Japanese earthquake (9.0) strikes at 1:50 into the video and it just dominates the video for months afterwards. I get […]

T+1 y


One year ago today, I had the incredible opportunity to watch the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. Thanks to NASA’s Tweetup program, I watched the launch from the Press area, met some astronauts and NASA people, and met a great group of fellow Tweeps! I also had my awesome […]

I always like seeing wild turkeys, but this one looks a bit goofy. This one was seen crossing the road in Parowan Utah on December 27, 2011.


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While talking to people about space, I’ve noticed that many people don’t have a good idea on how low earth orbit satellites orbit the earth. This video about the impending Phobos Grunt reentry does a great job showing what a low earth orbit looks like. Also, my condolences go out the Russian Space Agency on […]

Wonderful World

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I’ve been watching The Life of Birds with David Attenborough and he is an amazing narrator. This is an great clip that makes me feel so thrilled to have chosen a career as a wildlife biologist.