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After finding a site to view the launch and marking in on the GPS so we could find it again on Monday morning, we drove east from Titusville across to Merritt Island. Merritt Island is home to the Kennedy Space Space Center. In most cases where the government needs large tracts of land for safety […]

Caroline, Andrew and I stayed in Cocoa, Florida for the the next few days. It was a cheap motel, but perfect for our needs. My first order of business was to find a good spot to view the launch. We drove to Titusville and found a park you can see the launch pads and massive […]

Wired has a great gallery of the coolest spiders ever.

If you love wildlife, come down to Laughlin for this weekend’s Wings and Wildlife Festival. There’s a bunch of bird watching field trips, and a large number of seminars on a variety of topics. I’m giving a talk on wildlife of the upper Muddy River. The keynote speaker is Ted Floyd who is the editor […]

As many of you know, I just returned from a family reunion in Texas. We spent some time with some family friends in Austin and met some other friends there at the Mexican free-tailed bat emergence on the Congress street bridge. Our Ausin friends videotaped the amazing bat emergence:

Since I participated in the “25 Random Things About Me” Facebook Meme and even cross-posted it here, it was very interesting to see Slate’s analysis on when it took off and how it evolved over time. By the way, I first got tagged on 1/27 and wrote my post on 2/2.

I photographed this long-tailed duck this afternoon at Sunset Park. As you can see from the range map, it is a little bit out of its range! However, the bird book I use (The Sibley Guide to Birds), shows it to winter along both coasts down to the Carolinas and central California so it really […]

Thanks xkcd.

Wow. The allegations against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich are astounding. It is well known that the Chicago political machine is corrupt. Blagojevich’s predecessor is currently in prison for corruption. However, Blagojevich is accused of selling Barack Obama’s senate seat, selling favors for other positions, and threatening journalists that criticized him. I’m amazed that someone could […]

I finally got a set of my Cuatrocienégas, Mexico travel photos (Link) posted. Enjoy!