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After years of promising not to discuss work after hours but always failing, botanists at Hampshire College’s Agricultural Studies Farm Center told reporters yesterday they have finally made a pledge to ban any and all talk of plants during drinks this Friday. read more | digg story

Gliding Ants

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From the “I had no idea” department. Tree living ants in the Amazon rainforest have recently been observed to glide back to the tree truck if dislodged from the the canopy. A straight fall to the forest floor would be deadly because the forest is often flooded and there are dangerous ant predators in the […]

A few years ago, my friends and coworkers Anthony and Aaron were out in the desert when they spotted a velvet ant. This flightless wasp is cute and fuzzy as I scurries about the desert floor. Anthony said: “I think I can pick it up without being stung” and he reached down to grab the […]

Save the Boobies

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Just saw this interesting post on the amount of money raised for breast cancer awareness and research compared to money raised for much more deadly cancers such as lung, liver, and colorectal. Gonna have to get me one of those brown colorectal cancer bracelets.

The Bush administration has given very few species protection under the Endangered Species Act. In fact, only 59 species have been listed during the seven years of the Bush administration and those listings were due to court orders (environmental groups end up suing the US Fish and Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service to […]

Birthday Dinner

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I did get to go out for dinner with Hot Wife and Terry and Morgan for my birthday. It was their first night out without kids. Ever. They have three kids. Let’s just say, the drinks flowed like water and we had a really good time. Terry and Morgan are so cool — they got […]

I got this from my good friend Tonya who is a mammologist who worked with the black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered mammals in the world. It sounds like the US Department of Agriculture is back to it’s 19th century way of managing lands and wildlife here in the 21st century. (The USDA manages […]