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“We’re better than Space X and ain’t afraid to show it!”

I’m always interested in new and unusual ways of depicting information. This video and sounds, of all the earthquakes in 2011, shows just how many sizable earthquakes there are around the world. Also, the huge Japanese earthquake (9.0) strikes at 1:50 into the video and it just dominates the video for months afterwards. I get […]

Great video of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupting. I suggest watching the video in full screen and watch for some spectacular lightning at the end during a plinian eruption (named after Pliny the Elder’s observations of Vesuvius burying Pompeii). This video was shot for British Channel 4 News. Blogger Dean Armstrong has been in that valley […]

I finally got a set of my Cuatrocienégas, Mexico travel photos (Link) posted. Enjoy!

Looking at the USGS earthquake maps, there hasn’t been any 3+ magnitude earthquakes near Reno since last week. It looks like the seismicity is slowing down. There was a 5.4 in northwest California, however. And yes, it would be crazy not to get earthquake reports from the USGS via RSS.

Reno Earthquakes

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I don’t even know what to make of the recent earthquakes near Reno. The typical pattern is to have a large earthquake followed by a series of smaller aftershocks or a “swarm” of earthquakes where all the earthquakes are about the right size (like the recent swarm off of the coast of Oregon). This pattern […]

Nevada has a lot of earthquakes but most happen in uninhabited areas. Rarely do they occur in populated areas but in February, Wells Nevada suffered serious damage from a quake. What would happen if when there was a quake in Las Vegas? Here is an article and an abstract from a Geological Society of America […]

I’m sure this didn’t really happen but this is how it would go down if you tried to put geologists on a reality TV show. It would be fun for them and boring TV. Other scientists would also be the same. I could imagine the herp twerp catching snakes and grabbing lizards, the fish people […]

When I wrote about the earthquake on February 21, I noted that the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) rating of VI might be low: “Looking at the damage in Wells, I wonder if this be upgraded a bit once seismologist takes a look at the damage.” A MMI of VI can be expected to be “Strong.” […]

This morning at 6:16:05 A.M. a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Wells Nevada. Not only was it a fairly powerful earthquake, it was shallow (9 km deep) and close to Wells (12 miles east). It did a lot of damage to the historic storefronts in Wells including knocking down facades and brick walls and littering […]