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The lightheartedness of this video is great:

Just in case you are a wildlife biologist married to a mammologist and you are having a baby girl soon and you want to give the girl a name of a genus of mammals ending in “a” because the mom is Czech and Czech girl names end in “a” here is a list of the […]

I saw this video a few days ago and keep thinking about it: Last Moments Of Life from Paul Kroeker on Vimeo.


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A friend and colleague of mine’s son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. This comic is pretty interesting on how some of the treatments coming down the pike are really strange and powerful when you look at them. From XKCD.

I just spent the weekend at Defcon 19, a hacking convention here in Las Vegas. Defcon, coupled with my experience at the STS-133 NASA Tweetup, gives me hope for the future. People are creative. People are amazing. We build. We make. We create. We break things and build them up again. Although we are living […]

Amazing video with clips from all of the Space Shuttle missions. Well worth a watch.

Been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true –Jake Grier Holmes, Jr. 1967 (not Jimmy Page 1968) Biologists hunted through archives and Civil War era records, searched for specimens in jars in the back rooms of museums, and dealt with paperwork and stored specimens lost in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake to do […]

The Atlantic has a great photo gallery of Space Shuttle pictures including several unusual pictures such the Star Trek cast in front of Enterprise and Enterprise on the never used launch pad in California. Link.

There is some rare good news in the field of endangered species. The Las Vegas Valley leopard frog, which some believe the only US amphibian to have gone extinct, is not extinct. This frog always intrigued me. As a native Las Vegan, it would be have exciting to find a frog living in the desert […]

Our local Weather Service office put up this graphic yesterday and it really explains how pleasant our spring has been. I’ll take it as long long as it lasts but I’ve seen some hints of 110° highs coming up 9 and 10 days out. Click to embiggen.