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I just finished reading Martian Summer and it was very entertaining and humorous book. Running a very expensive and complicated mission on the surface of another planet is an incredibly difficult task. First of all, the crew works on “Mars time” which leads to exhaustion and possibly making mistakes. The Mars Polar lander is a […]

This little video of about tropical arthropod sampling is great. I need to mentor more with my entomologist boss and live like a rock star! Sifting from Jennie Russ on Vimeo.

I stayed up and was watching the landing streaming live online and had started from before the deorbit burn. The Commander had handed over control of Endeavour to the pilot for a few seconds (a NASA tradition) just before landing when the video stream quit. I got it going again in time to hear “Wheels […]

Go Endeavour!

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Amazing launch today of the last flight of Endeavour. Kinda cool with the Shuttle disappearing into the cloud deck but probably a little bit of a disappointment for the onlookers. STS-131, a night launch, I watched until Discovery disappeared over the horizon and STS-133 I was able to see the SRB separation through my camera […]

Flooding is serious business. This year’s flooding on the Mississippi is really bad. xkcd’s creator, Randall Munroe, looks at a worst case scenario. Well, he looked at it last year. Anyway, the scenario is that crest of the flood overwhelms the Army Corps of Engineer’s structure keeping the Mississippi in the Mississippi and the river […]

Camilla is my favorite rubber chicken. I met her at the STS-133 NASA Tweetup back in October. In fact, she was the first Tweep I met. I met her at the press credential site when I picked up my badge. She was nice enough to give me a patch for her mission, the Solar Dynamics […]

Invasive fish are a expensive and troublesome problem. A portion of my job is figuring out how to kill bad fish. These guys in Illinois are taking things to the next level:

Go Endeavour!

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I’m hoping for a great launch and mission of the final flight of Endeavour. I loved being there for Discovery’s final launch and I hope the Space Tweeps and my brother Mark have a great time at the launch.


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From XKCD of course.


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From the author: Birds are Aves, which is part of the clade Theropoda, which is in Saurischia, which is in Dinosauria. Those birds outside our windows are dinosaurs. We can clear out the rest of our brains because we now have the best fact.