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The lightheartedness of this video is great:

I have posted photos of a great 5.5 day rafting trip in Utah here. Enjoy!

The doctor that did my high school sports physicals just passed away. I knew he was a long time Las Vegan and well known in the Las Vegas sports scene but I had no idea just how interesting his life was. He was the doctor at the Muhammad Ali-Floyd Patterson championship boxing match in 1965 […]

The NFL network has a nice video on the exact play run twice by the Broncos to get rookie Eddie Royal open in the endzone. The first time, the defense dropped back 8 pass defenders and the man covering the zone where Eddie Royal ran his route was covered by a 309 pound defensive lineman. […]

Here is the post game NFL Gameday discussion over the bad call at the end of the game yesterday and the game highlights. Yep, it was a bad call and the Chargers should have won the game. However, the NFL usually has amazingly good referees and game changing missed calls are very rare. The referees […]

Amazing Broncos Win

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Denver Bronco’s coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to go for the win with the two-point conversion instead of the tie at the end of the game against San Diego was either insane or genius. Probably a little bit of each. He must have been thinking that with the inadvertent whistle taking away a game winning fumble […]

In last month’s Olympics, if Usain Bolt hadn’t slowed down in his world record-breaking 100 meter dash he would have had an even more amazing time. Some astrophysicists calculated his time. This paper was submitted to the American Journal of Physics. Abstract: Since that very memorable day at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, a big question […]

Sports Illustrated has an amazing sequence of underwater camera shots showing the unbelievable finish in last night’s 100-meter butterfly. Link. I have never seen such an amazingly close finish to a race before. Phelps was 7th at the 50 meter mark and really didn’t think he could pull off a medal, let alone a gold, […]

In November 2006, I was getting the urge to run and to finish a marathon. To make mileage tracking easier, I decided to buy an iPod nano (second generation) and the Nike+iPod running kit. The running kit consists of a small transmitter designed to be inserted into a Nike running shoe and a small receiver […]

Running the marathon was both one of the simplest things and one of the hardest things I have done in my life. Simple because it merely involves putting one foot in front of the other and hard because it involved months of training, large amounts of discipline, and huge amounts of willpower. Like most things […]