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I posted some photos of our trip to the Springs Preserve on December 18. Enjoy.

Congratulations and a happy birthday to you!

Mom and Dad, you are an amazing example for all of us! More September 1950 Las Vegas and honeymoon pictures can be found here.

Yikes. This blog has a thick layer of dust on it. Let me blow that off. (cough, cough) That’s better. OK, it’s been a while. I left off on a with in the middle of a trip to see the Space Shuttle launch in April. That was a trip of a lifetime. Since then, I’ve […]

Today was my son Andrew’s third birthday. Despite having some tummy issues (I think in honor of Oscar night we’ll just say there was about six “costume changes” tonight), he had a great time and in fact, he had an amazing year. Happy Birthday to my special little guy!

One Year After


One year ago, two weeks before our 9th wedding anniversary, my wife sat me down and said she was leaving. By the end of February, she had moved out. Her decision caught me completely by surprise. The first half of 2009 was a painful blur: there was the unexpected blow of her unilateral decision, some […]

You may have heard of today’s tragic accident in Laughlin Nevada where a man drove his Pontiac Vibe through the front doors of the Edgewater Casino killing two guests and injuring several more (link). Interestingly, not 10 minutes before the accident, I walked through those doors to a work conference (Yes, here in Nevada, biologists […]

Caroline, we had a great year this year. You are an amazing young woman that brings joy to everyone you meet. We went sledding. Several times. You have an amazing smile. You had not one, but two broken arms this year. They never slowed you down and you were the best patient (also, I am […]

Swine Flu Vaccine

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Both these cases were my kids. They’re fine and this was taken back in July. I avoided getting infected from them but plan on getting the H1N1/09 vaccine as soon as it is available. I had two bad cases of the seasonal flu in the last decade and never want to experience it again. Here […]

From last summer. Caroline is the one with the pink cast: