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My parents, Phyllis and Bruno, just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary this week. The are the kindest, gentlest, and the most generous people you have ever met and I am so thankful for all the love they have shared with everyone they know. This photo is of them enjoying the Labor Day Parade with my […]

Today Caroline started school at my alma mater. She met her teacher on Friday, wore her best dress to a birthday party on Saturday, and wore the same dress in the pool that afternoon. More photos can be found here.

I found out today that my divorce is final. Someone in black robes finally signed the stack of papers, the County Clerk filed it, and an attorney mailed me a copy which was in my mailbox this afternoon. I was surprised to not feel much today. I guess I felt a little relieved to close […]

We have the world’s best potlucks at work: I do not use measurements…so these are approximate…. Juice about 5-6 limes Crush a whole bulb of garlic (not one clove, the whole thing!!) Thaw and peel 2-4 pounds of shrimp 3-4 sticks of butter Taco seasoning (I use Tonnes from Sam’s Club/Costco) Sautee garlic in a […]

Astute viewers of this blog will have noticed that my running data in the sidebar has been updated. Yes, I waited until the temperature dropped below 100°, put on my running shoes, clipped an new Nike+ sensor, and went running around the neighborhood. Ok, it was actually a painful-looking jog, but I got out and […]

Memorial Day

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Syzdekistan remembers those who died in the service of their country.

I just posted pictures of my birthday party last month here. The iPhone cake was amazing! It was quite the bash. Special thanks to Steve for taking such great pictures. If you have pictures, feel free to upload them to that page.

Ok, that’s stretching the truth…. Not only did Boo break her arm on Wednesday (that’s another post), but a strong cold front roared into Syzdekistan on Tuesday night. As I comforted my little girl as she threw up late into the evening, the wind shrieked and howled and could hear it ripping shingles from the […]

Happy Easter


May you have a lifetime of adventures. And perhaps, just perhaps, grow to tolerate pirates.