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One Month


One month ago, things were much different than they are now. Life was pretty good until the day in late January my wife announced that she was going to talk to a counselor and she wouldn’t say why. I knew things had been a little strained for the last couple of weeks but I had […]



Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. It will be our last wedding anniversary. About three weeks ago, my world began to collapse. Since then, I have learned that my wife had been very unhappy and now considers our marriage to be over. To her, it was too late to try to repair the damage. Counseling […]

Since I participated in the “25 Random Things About Me” Facebook Meme and even cross-posted it here, it was very interesting to see Slate’s analysis on when it took off and how it evolved over time. By the way, I first got tagged on 1/27 and wrote my post on 2/2.




Some things about me


Since I spent the last 30 minutes writing this meme on Facebook, I might as well cross-post it here. Read it, you might learn something.

My last post was my 400th post on I’ve still got a pretty small readership but it’s been rewarding to write about a wide variety of topics and see what brings comments and page views. Several posts come to mind as being memorable. First of all, my post about a meteorite impact got a […]

Happy Birthday Boo!

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Happy fifth birthday!

Congratulations to Hot Wife on getting a bunch of articles published in a new Savvy Source blog on things to do with young children in Las Vegas. Look carefully, and you can see my influence. Technorati Tags: las vegas, Nevada

Happy 58th Mom and Dad. Your love for each other is an inspiration to us all.

The Sea

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Thanks to XKCD.