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Sick at Home

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Yesterday I got walloped with some sort of nasty illness. Luckily I worked late on Wednesday so I was able to take off early at 3:00 PM on Friday. I got a haircut on the way home (I wasn’t going to get off early from work and let it go to waste) and collapsed on […]

My brother Steve has a good eye for the unusual and always travels with a camera. He just got some photos of the 2008 Hyundai Veracruz which was being tested near Las Vegas. Often cars are tested in desert conditions before being sold. I have seen several on I-15 north of Vegas or on the […]

I recently took Girl Child to our neighborhood park. Since it was a beautiful cool Sunday evening, the park was filled with lots of children playing on the equipment. There was a little boy about her age playing on the slide and Girl Child was following him around to the ladder saying “Hey big boy, […]

‘Nuff said? More info below the fold:

Today was Caroline’s first day of pre-school. We’re very proud they moved her up. Plus it costs less per month. Now she can intellectually dominate some older children. Bwaaa hahahahahaha. My plans for my progeny are coming to fruition.


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I’m going to be offline for a while as my MacBook Pro is going to be in the shop. I’ve had many Macs over the years and have found them to be very reliable. However, this computer has had a few problems probably due to the fact that I got a very early machine (in […]

Tonight we are watching Terry and Morgan’s kids. Terry is stuck in California and Morgan has to work at 4:30 AM to 1:00 PM shift on July 4th so we are watching Derek (age 2) and Addison (age 1/3). It’s Caroline’s first sleepover which she made more interesting by being in naked mode most of […]

Nancy has gotten back onto the blogging scene with two new topical blogs. One is food and dining reviews and is called LV Taste Buds. A second blog is about Nancy’s one and only sports passions — the Tour De France. Since this Tour has been pretty crazy even on the first day, check out […]

Congratulations to our good friend Kristen and her husband Kevin Westley on the birth of their son Brendan. The kid already has some great pictures on his blog. I used to work with Kristen at the Desert Tortoise Center a while back. Although she lives on the East Coast, last time I saw her was […]

Hello, and welcome to my new blog,! I decided to start this blog for several reasons. First, I have outgrown the iBlog software that I got for free with my .Mac account. Secondly, I wanted the coolness of having my own domain name. Third, I’ve always wanted to run my own country. Now I […]