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I used my GPS to track the path of my 777 flight from Los Angeles to London. I’m bummed there wasn’t auroras visible (and that I couldn’t stay away to see them). The holding pattern over London was pretty cool.

Good Times

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Week long whitewater rafting trip on the Green River in Utah though Desolation and Gray Canyons. Watch annular eclipse from centerline in SW Utah (not as cool as the total eclipse I saw in Baja California Sur in 1991 but neat). Find wild woundfin in the Virgin River. Watch the transit of Venus. Find more […]

T+1 y


One year ago today, I had the incredible opportunity to watch the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station. Thanks to NASA’s Tweetup program, I watched the launch from the Press area, met some astronauts and NASA people, and met a great group of fellow Tweeps! I also had my awesome […]

I just spent the weekend at Defcon 19, a hacking convention here in Las Vegas. Defcon, coupled with my experience at the STS-133 NASA Tweetup, gives me hope for the future. People are creative. People are amazing. We build. We make. We create. We break things and build them up again. Although we are living […]

NASA Tweetup, Part 2

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You can follow my tweets here and updates on the mission here. I cannot believe my good fortune in getting to see Discovery launch again and to see the great folks at the Tweetup.

As Discovery is rolling out to the pad for the final time, I finalized my travel plans for watching the launch from NASA press site. SpaceflightNow has some great pictures.

It looks like the problems with Space Shuttle Discovery’s external tank have been understood and are well underway to being fixed. Discovery is scheduled to roll out to the pad on February 1 and launch on February 24. I changed my flight (for the third time — I love Southwest’s easy change policy. I never […]

I have posted photos of a great 5.5 day rafting trip in Utah here. Enjoy!

Although Discovery did not launch in November, I had an amazing trip and met a great group of people. I took a ton of pictures (3000+) and really enjoyed my 100-400mm lens rental. Anyway, my photo set can be found here. Enjoy!

I posted some photos of our trip to the Springs Preserve on December 18. Enjoy.