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I’m in Florida for the last launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. I was selected (presumably at random) by NASA to participate in a Tweetup. We’ve had a few launch delays caused by mechanical issues and weather but we are all hoping that tomorrow at 3:04:01 PM EDT Discovery will roar off the pad and we […]

After finding a site to view the launch and marking in on the GPS so we could find it again on Monday morning, we drove east from Titusville across to Merritt Island. Merritt Island is home to the Kennedy Space Space Center. In most cases where the government needs large tracts of land for safety […]

Caroline, Andrew and I stayed in Cocoa, Florida for the the next few days. It was a cheap motel, but perfect for our needs. My first order of business was to find a good spot to view the launch. We drove to Titusville and found a park you can see the launch pads and massive […]

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I’m going to share some photos and stories of taking Caroline (6) and Andrew (3) to Florida for the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on April 5, 2010. It was a big undertaking for a single dad to take two kids on such an ambitious trip but the trip went extremely well. Except for when […]

I took Caroline and Andrew to Florida for the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery and the trip was an amazing success. Here are a very few of the 1750 photos I took while in Florida. We flew into Orlando on Friday, watched the launch in the pre-dawn hours on Monday, did a quick trip to […]


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Yep, I dragged this all through the Orlando airport. (The Boy was mostly self propelled. The Girl rolled a suitcase and her backpack).

Since there are only four remaining Space Shuttle Launches, I have decided to take my two kids to the next launch scheduled for April 5. I’m guessing seeing a launch will be even cooler than a landing. There was good news from SpaceFlight Now today: 2055 GMT (4:55 p.m. EDT) With signs at the entrance […]

Veterans Day

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As many of you know, I just returned from a family reunion in Texas. We spent some time with some family friends in Austin and met some other friends there at the Mexican free-tailed bat emergence on the Congress street bridge. Our Ausin friends videotaped the amazing bat emergence: