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I finally got a set of my Cuatrocienégas, Mexico travel photos (Link) posted. Enjoy!



Today I have been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Mexico for work. I am presenting at the 40th meeting of the Desert Fishes Council and this year they are having their meeting in Cuatrociénegas, Coahuila, Mexico. View Larger Map Cuatrociénegas is a very cool place for the conference. The Desert Fishes Council and […]

Congratulations to Hot Wife on getting a bunch of articles published in a new Savvy Source blog on things to do with young children in Las Vegas. Look carefully, and you can see my influence. Technorati Tags: las vegas, Nevada

Recently, we were in Zion National Park and stopped for ice cream at the main lodge in Zion canyon. We were lucky enough to see a Botta’s pocket gopher (Thonomys bottae) excavating it’s burrow in the field near the lodge. These mammals are high specialized burrowers. They have huge incisors and their lips close behind […]

Today, I received word that Mojave Max, the desert spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Plan died. I had the pleasure of feeding and taking care of this tortoise at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in the early 1990s. He was a very friendly tortoise with a great personality and he lived in the […]

The $0.99 shrimp cocktails that we often enjoy at lunch at the Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas have recently increased to $1.99. However, I am glad that the Rj interviewed an economist for this story.

Track Your Flights

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Last night I found this website to track your flights. If you are an airplane junky like me, this website maps all the airline flights you’ve taken and produces some interesting statistics. I spent over an hour trying to remember all the flights I’ve been on. You can also track such trivia such as aircraft […]

Back in December 2003, Hot Pregnant Wife was very pregnant. So pregnant, in fact, I was already on paternity leave. The Princess was a few days late and Hot Wife was ready to be done with being pregnant. We did the usual things to induce labor. She walked the neighborhood putting door hangers on doors […]

On March 9, we went to Death Valley National Park to view the ephemeral wildflower display. It was a pretty good show this year. Hot Wife and I got some pretty photos of the flowers and the kids. Link.

On December 20, I made a quick trip to Orange County for a physical for my impending bone marrow transplant (actually a PBSC donation but bone marrow sounds much more cool!). It was a quick and easy trip except for the very end. Basically, I drove to the airport, flew to Orange County, got picked […]