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Getting to the Airport

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Right now, I am a Wildlife Conference in Tucson. Getting to the airport for my early morning flight was a pain. First of all, I had to stop by my office to pick up some papers I was bringing to the meeting. I had left them neatly stacked on my desk and forgot them. It […]

I’m still battling this head cold and I called in again sick today. I am feeling better, however, and I managed to get out of bed and had enough strength to move around the house and watch lots of TV during the day. I’m not nearly as tired as I was on Wednesday and the […]

Hiking in Death Valley

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Today, Rob and I took the kids hiking up Golden Canyon in Death Valley. Both three-year olds had a great time and both dads had fun watching them. We hit some light rain near Death Valley Junction and it had just stopped raining we got at the trailhead. We had lunch in the parking lot. […]

While on the subject of New York City, Hot Pregnant Wife is currently there on a business trip. She was looking at the Christmas decorations in Rockefeller Center, when a scrolling news sign caught her eye. “Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman to teach martini mixing class at Clark County Community College.” Link. You just can’t […]

About 14 hours before leaving on the Christmas tree trip, I got a call from our friendly Las Vegas Sun reporter stating that he will not be joining us on the Christmas tree hunting trip. He should have gone — we had a beautiful and rare snowy trip. We drove up in quite a bit […]

The Wonder of Flying

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I love flying. I took this picture just before sunset flying from Las Vegas to Phoenix on October 1, 2006. I love flying on stormy days and seeing the variety of clouds and seeing the landscape far below. I had a book, iPod, and computer with me but I sat with the face against my […]

I just helped my old college friends Melanie and Andrea get together. Andrea found my link about Kooshie and left a comment. I gave her Mel’s email; Andrea emailed her; Mel just happened to be in Anchorage where Andrea lives, and they got together for dinner. Then Mel crashed at Andrea’s house. And all through […]