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Mojave Monsoons

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Enjoyed some pretty heavy rain here in Las Vegas yesterday. The official total for the date was 1.65 at McCarran airport which was a record for August 22 and the second highest ever recorded for Las Vegas. I recorded 0.81 inches at my house and 0.35 at my weather station at work. It was also […]

From the Weather Underground: Did you know that… Over eighty aircraft were destroyed by wind gusting to 116 mph on this date in 1989 at Henderson Sky Harbor Airport and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Total damage was estimated at $14 million. I totally don’t remember this.

The Las Vegas National Weather Service office posted this today (this is a weather record that I don’t think I have ever heard of!): .. All-time record dew point depression set at Las Vegas today… At 432 PM PDT today the dew point depression at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas reached 129 degrees. The […]

Our local Weather Service office put up this graphic yesterday and it really explains how pleasant our spring has been. I’ll take it as long long as it lasts but I’ve seen some hints of 110° highs coming up 9 and 10 days out. Click to embiggen.

Go Endeavour!

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Amazing launch today of the last flight of Endeavour. Kinda cool with the Shuttle disappearing into the cloud deck but probably a little bit of a disappointment for the onlookers. STS-131, a night launch, I watched until Discovery disappeared over the horizon and STS-133 I was able to see the SRB separation through my camera […]

Flooding is serious business. This year’s flooding on the Mississippi is really bad. xkcd’s creator, Randall Munroe, looks at a worst case scenario. Well, he looked at it last year. Anyway, the scenario is that crest of the flood overwhelms the Army Corps of Engineer’s structure keeping the Mississippi in the Mississippi and the river […]

Let’s just say it was an interesting year. From the National Weather Service office in Las Vegas: … Top weather events of 2010 in the Mojave Desert and southern Great Basin… From furious floods to significant snows 2010 brought a variety of extreme and unusual weather to the Mojave Desert and southern Great Basin. Listed […]

Often in April we will see our first 90° day of the year but also we will see a final winter storm sweep through. The latter was true yesterday and we had a bit of rain (0.02 inches at the house, 0.07 inches at Warm Springs), a lot of wind, and a very cool day. […]

Frozen Britain


I’m loving this NASA image of a frozen, snow covered Britain and seeing a lot of it online. A town in Scotland reported a record low of -8°F and the country is running low on road salt (link). But at least Ireland looks green!

Storm total in Syzdekistan was 0.45 inches. The Flood Control District gauge at Rainbow and Oakey is close to my house and recorded 0.35 inches so I wonder if my gauge needs to be mounted a little higher on the fence post. It could be that large raindrops hitting the top of the post are […]