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It’s pretty hot here in Syzdekistan this weekend. We’re suffering under a Excessive Heat Warning and it was 113° yesterday and 112° right now. Mowing the lawn yesterday and edging and trimming today was pretty hot. However, the conditions in the Midwest are positively brutal. From the National Weather Service: … All time record high […]

A large hatch of mayflies on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin showed up on weather radar. Thanks to Dean Armstrong and Boing-Boing for the link to a Milwaukee newspaper story. It’s not uncommon for animals to show up on weather radar. In fact, migrating birds and insects are often caught on radar. A weather service […]

Denver Post article states that this guy got hit by lighting while using his iPod: Notice the burn marks along the ears from the headphones. Most lightning actually travels up from the ground to the clouds and the current will follow any conductive material. Of course, small wires soon vaporize and the current follows the […]

From the National Weather Service: Statement as of 1:40 am PDT on July 1, 2006 … Las Vegas sets the hottest June on record… The average temperature for June 2006 was 90.5 degrees. This breaks the previous June record of 90.3 degrees set in 1994. Las Vegas also recorded an average low temperature of 78.2 […]

We almost didn’t make it back to Vegas from our Texas vacation today. In fact, if we were flying with Southwest out of Hobby Airport, we wouldn’t have made it back. That airport was closed after about 9 inches of rain fell in the area in about 90 minutes. Of course, being a weather nut […]

I was a little surprised when this came over the Nevada Skywarn mailing list today:

From the National Weather Service: Statement as of 5:33 PM PDT on June 4, 2006 … New record temperatures set on June 4 2006… The low temperature reported at McCarran International Airport was 81 degrees today. This break the previous high minimum temperature record of 80 degrees set in 2004. For the second consecutive day […]

From the National Weather Service: Statement as of 4:15 PM PDT on June 1, 2006 … Las Vegas records third warmest may on record… The average temperature in may 2006 was 81.0 degrees. This was the third warmest may on record. The warmest may on record was 82.2 degrees set in 2002 followed by 81.6 […]