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My heart goes out to the families of the passengers and crew of the Air France airliner that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009. Tim Vasquez, who used to do tropical en-route weather forecasting for the US Air Force, does a fascinating analysis of the weather along the route of the doomed […]

From the National Weather Service: (since the NWS has a stuck caps lock key and the text is hideous, the weather weirdness is below the fold):

From the National Weather Service: Statement as of 5:30 PM PDT on May 17, 2009 … Two high maximum temperature records tied and one broken today… A high pressure system centered over Nevada has brought record breaking temperatures across the forecast area today. Temperatures started out well above normal at the beginning of the work […]

Ok, that’s stretching the truth…. Not only did Boo break her arm on Wednesday (that’s another post), but a strong cold front roared into Syzdekistan on Tuesday night. As I comforted my little girl as she threw up late into the evening, the wind shrieked and howled and could hear it ripping shingles from the […]

From the National Weather Service: Record high minimum temperature tied in Las Vegas Saturday… The low temperature at McCarran International Airport here in Las Vegas Saturday the 21st of March only cooled to 62 degrees. This reading tied the previous record high minimum temperature for the date which last occurred in 2004.

Wet Winter Storm

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We recorded a storm total of 0.90 inches of rain over the weekend. This is how the rest of the area fared:

I’ll take a record high in January versus one in July any time…. From the National Weather Service: The high temperature at McCarran International Airport today reached 70 degrees. This reading broke the record high for the date… which was 69 degrees set in 2000.

Deserts are defined as being dry and aren’t necessarily hot. Eureka, Nevada just had a record low this morning of -18°F. Yikes! One of my coworkers’ fiancé lives outside Ely Nevada in a rental house with a broken heater. It was -24° there the other morning and he usually gets up three times a night […]

My records are a little more spotty than the “Weather Service” but they definitely have more heart. Here in Syzdekistan we recorded 3.54 inches of rain (my automatic gauge only recorded 3.03 inches which shows how many rainfall events get lost because they are under the 0.04 inch resolution of my gauge). Significant events include […]

From the National Weather Service (note that there hasn’t been a low minimum set since 1999 and that it was the 4th warmest year on record): PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE LAS VEGAS NV 730 AM PST THU JAN 1 2009 …PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT… 2008 ANNUAL TOTALS FOR LAS VEGAS TEMPERATURE OBSERVED AVERAGE NORMAL […]