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Little Room

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An SLR for sad food photography. Apple knows me!

I am so proud of our nation in our successful landing on Mars tonight. It’s an amazing achievement and I cannot wait for the amazing science data to start arriving. This is what we should be spending money on.

Yes. This is a real movie.

Great video of how the moon will look hour by hour this year.

More on Steve Jobs

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I can’t think of any other famous person’s death affecting me like the death of Steve Jobs. My first reaction was “I knew he was very sick and it wasn’t a surprise. In fact, I just lost a coworker to the same cancer, pancreatic, last week so on one level I was prepared. However, remembering […]

From the Weather Underground: Did you know that… Over eighty aircraft were destroyed by wind gusting to 116 mph on this date in 1989 at Henderson Sky Harbor Airport and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Total damage was estimated at $14 million. I totally don’t remember this.

I just spent the weekend at Defcon 19, a hacking convention here in Las Vegas. Defcon, coupled with my experience at the STS-133 NASA Tweetup, gives me hope for the future. People are creative. People are amazing. We build. We make. We create. We break things and build them up again. Although we are living […]

Amazing video with clips from all of the Space Shuttle missions. Well worth a watch.

I stayed up and was watching the landing streaming live online and had started from before the deorbit burn. The Commander had handed over control of Endeavour to the pilot for a few seconds (a NASA tradition) just before landing when the video stream quit. I got it going again in time to hear “Wheels […]