“We’re better than Space X and ain’t afraid to show it!”

I am so proud of our nation in our successful landing on Mars tonight. It’s an amazing achievement and I cannot wait for the amazing science data to start arriving. This is what we should be spending money on.

I was lucky enough to see Curiosity when I toured JPL in Pasadena last year and I can’t believe a piece of hardware that I saw sitting in lab in California is hurtling to Red Planet and is going to land tonight. Curiosity is big and the JPL engineers, by necessity, have a complex (some would say “bad-ass”) method of putting it on the surface. I’ll be watching (with my kids) online tonight and will be anxiously on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait.

Defcon 20

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My brain is full.

I went to the Defcon conference this weekend. It’s a crazy mix up of talks ranging from the extremely technical exploits on computer systems, to the future of the internet, to lock picking training. It’s great to hang out with extremely smart and geeky people. This year’s highlights for me were talks tech pundits Bruce Schneier (it was cool, his talk was just people asking him questions about tech. Other highlights included a talk by famous hacker and Wired editor Kevin Paulsen about his criminal exploits including phone phreaking and winning a Porsche by re-routing radio station call ins so he could win. Cory Doctorow gave an amazing talk about the future of human rights and the Internet.

It was fun and it’s always good to hang out with people a lot smarter and weirder than me!

Good Times

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Week long whitewater rafting trip on the Green River in Utah though Desolation and Gray Canyons.
Watch annular eclipse from centerline in SW Utah (not as cool as the total eclipse I saw in Baja California Sur in 1991 but neat).
Find wild woundfin in the Virgin River.
Watch the transit of Venus.
Find more woundfin in the Virgin River.
Take my kids and niece on a 4,000 mile road trip to Texas. Visit Bosque del Apache, White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, San Marcos Springs, Syzdek Family Reunion, and the beach.
Life is good.

Yes. This is a real movie.

This video cheered me up after a particularly tiresome and frustrating week.

Great video of how the moon will look hour by hour this year.

The sounds of a Shuttle launch literally give me chills. Turn up the volume and enjoy:

Zombies and dinosaurs on the cake! Awesome!